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We are developing a trending resource with the maximum permissible download speed and convenient display on mobile gadgets.


We form trendy UX design taking into account European trends, trend know-how, usability, adaptation and selling properties.


We check the activities, analyze the behavior of competitors, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop superiority tactics on the basis of the data obtained.

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Website development is the main direction of the ZAKAJI WEBSITE web studio. We have been developing websites all over Ukraine for several years. During this time, we have gained significant experience in such areas as web design, Internet marketing, usability, web development, SEO-site promotion, contextual advertising, etc.

Our studio can offer you various solutions: development of websites, business card sites, corporate sites, landing page and online stores. We take an individual approach to each job, everything depends on your goals, often you just need a business card website or a small landing page for small goals and high-quality results, we are ready to guarantee you professional work.

For the most effective result, we analyze your competitors to create a better website than they have and give you an advantage in the web world. To develop a functional website, we can also offer you: logo development, writing unique content for the site, photography and much more.

Before you start creating a website, you should analyze what the product will include based on the future audience of the site, your wishes, find unique solutions that will distinguish you in the competitive environment. Development of an online store, Landing page, business card site, corporate site or portal site, that's among what we have to make a choice, we will discuss everything and give you a site that will 100% fulfill its task.